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ILC Czechoslovakia, s.r.o. has been an importer and distributor of language teaching materials and foreign-language fiction since 1990.

ILC is distributor of ELT titles in the Czech Republic for Cambridge University Press, the world's oldest publishing house, with which we have been working closely since 1991.

We are also exclusive distributor in the Czech Republic of all titles published by the German publisher Hueber Verlag, Germany's leading publisher of language teaching titles.

In addition, ILC also imports and distributes the lists of numerous other publishers, such as Macmillan/Pan in Great Britain, Cle International, Edinumen, Black Cat and Edilingua.

› History

ILC was founded in August 1990 as International Language Centres (Czechoslovakia), a.s. as part of what was then the ILC Group. We imported our first coursebooks (The New Cambridge English Course and Headway) in October, 1990. In 1993 the company became ILC Czechoslovakia, s.r.o., and in 1999 it became independent after the ILC Group's takeover by the larger Study Group International.

› Company Logo

In December 1990 ILC applied for registration of the ILC logo, which has been a trademark in the Czech Republic since 1992. Since the takeover of the ILC Group this logo is less visible around the world, but you can still find it, for example, at www.ilc-japan.com, one of our historical cousins.

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Cambridge University Press Hueber Macmillan CLE International Edi numen Black cat Edilingua
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